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Urban Texture Series

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  • Aged Brick Allure Wallpaper


    Aged Brick Allure Wallpaper

    Create a statement with the Aged Brick Allure Wallpaper, where vintage meets modern in a timeless brick design.

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    $0.91 incl. GST
  • Golden Brick Boulevard


    Golden Brick Boulevard

    Golden Brick Boulevard mural is a rich, golden-hued celebration of classic brick, bringing a sunny warmth to any room.

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    $0.91 incl. GST
  • Rustic Brick Charm


    Rustic Brick Charm

    Rustic Brick Charm mural brings the timeless allure of weathered brickwork into your personal space with rich, earthy tones.

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    $0.91 incl. GST
  • Scandinavian White Brick Delight

    Scandinavian White Brick Delight wallpaper transforms any room with the serene and clean vibe of Nordic design.

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    $0.91 incl. GST
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