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How to measure your wall for Custom Wallpaper ?

How to measure your wall for personalise wallpaper.

Getting accurate measurements of your wall is crucial when you want to create a stunning feature wall with custom wallpaper. At our company, we can print the perfect amount of material to suit your space, but we need the right measurements to do so.

To get started, grab a tape measure and measure the widest and highest parts of your wall in centimetres (cm). This is important information, as we can make sure that the printed wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, mural, traditional wallpaper, self-adhesive wallpaper, or personalised wallpaper fits your space perfectly.

Before taking measurements, it’s also important to check the condition of your walls. Ensure there are no holes or bumps, and that your walls are clean and dry with a non-oily finish. This is because poor painting can lead to peeling and affect the overall result of your custom wallpaper.

When measuring your walls, don’t worry about power points, doors, or windows as these can be cut out from the overall print. We only require the full size of your wall.

To ensure complete coverage of your wall, you will have to add 10 cm to the width and height measurements you’ve taken. This excess wallpaper is called “bleed,” which we’ll trim during installation to ensure a seamless and professional finish.

With these simple steps and tricks, you can get the right measurement of your wall for custom wallpaper that looks amazing and fits perfectly on any wall.

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