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Wallpaper Materials for Custom Murals

Canvas Texture

Non-Woven Durable Linen Wallpaper

Our Non-Woven Durable Linen Wallpaper offers the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. Featuring a sophisticated linen texture and vivid graphics, it’s the ideal choice for innovative wall murals.

Why choose Non-Woven Wallpaper?

  • Versatility in Design: Perfect for creating custom murals that make a statement, transforming any space with unique and eye-catching visuals.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The linen texture adds a luxurious touch, enhancing the overall ambiance of interiors with a sophisticated look.
  • Comfort and Warmth: The non-woven material contributes to a cosy and inviting atmosphere, making spaces feel more comfortable and stylish.
  • Sustainable Choice: Opt for an eco-friendly wallpaper option that aligns with modern sustainability goals without compromising on quality or aesthetics.
  • DIY Friendly: Ideal for DIY projects, thanks to its easy paste-the-wall installation method.

Key Features

  • Durability: Superior scrub, scratch, and stain resistance. No need for lamination. 20 years of indoor lightfastness.
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation with standard non-woven wall adhesives. Strippable for easy removal with minimal effort.
  • Environmental Certifications: PVC-free wallpaper, making it easier to dispose of. Healthier and more sustainable printing. Odourless displays. FSC® certified. Flame resistant wallpaper. REACH compliant. Earn LEED credits.
  • Standards and Ratings: EN233 standard for cleanability and lightfastness. Spongeability rating: Wave 3. Excellent colour fastness ratings.

Works well for:

  • Home Interiors: Creating luxurious and cosy spaces with a sustainable touch. Perfect for innovative wall murals that transform your home.
  • Commercial Spaces: Ideal for stylish, low-traffic commercial spaces, providing a blend of durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.
Fabric Texture

Self-Adhesive Removable Wallpaper

Our Self-Adhesive Removable Wallpaper offers a seamless blend of convenience and style. Ideal for renters and perfect for DIY projects, it’s the ultimate solution for quick and easy wall transformations.

Why choose Removable Wallpaper?

  • Ideal for Renters: Personalise your space without worrying about damage when you move out.
  • Versatile Design: Perfect for custom wallpapers and wall graphics that can be applied to various surfaces.
  • Easy Application: Self-adhesive backing allows for quick and simple installation and removal.
  • Beautiful Results: High print quality ensures vibrant and clear images.
  • Durable: Water-resistant and suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made without PVC and chlorine, making it a greener choice.
  • Perfect for Baby Rooms: Ideal for quick changes as your baby grows, providing a fresh look without hassle.
  • Long-Lasting: In most cases, this wallpaper will turn into permanent after 3 years of being installed.

Key Features

  • Durability: Resistant to water. Great for indoor and temporary outdoor use.
  • Easy to Use: Peel-and-stick application. Can be cut into various shapes and sizes.
  • Environmentally Friendly: PVC-free and chlorine-free. Flame resistant.

Works well for:

  • Home Interiors: Perfect for renters looking to personalise their space and make quick changes. Ideal for baby rooms, allowing for easy updates as your child grows.
  • DIY Projects: Great for those who love DIY, providing a hassle-free way to create stunning wall designs with minimal effort.
Fabric Texture

Permanent Self-Adhesive Canvas Texture Wallpaper

Our Permanent Self-Adhesive Canvas Texture Wallpaper offers the ultimate combination of durability and sophistication. Ideal for high-end interior designs, murals, and retail displays, this premium vinyl wallpaper provides a stunning canvas texture and long-lasting quality.

Why choose Canvas Wallpaper?

  • Professional Look: Adds a sophisticated and artistic touch to any space, perfect for high-end interior designs.
  • Durable: Lasts up to 7 years indoors, ensuring your walls stay beautiful for a long time.
  • Versatile: Works well with various paint types, including eco-friendly options.
  • Easy Application: The adhesive is specially designed for initial repositionability, making it ideal for smooth to slightly textured painted walls.
  • DIY Friendly: Ideal for those confident with DIY projects, but for best results, professional installation is recommended due to the stronger adhesive.

Key Benefits

  • Luxurious Texture: The canvas finish gives walls an elegant, high-end appearance.
  • Long-Lasting: Designed to maintain its look and quality for up to 7 years.
  • Vibrant Prints: Provides stunning print quality with vibrant colours and sharp details.
  • Strong Adhesive: Compatible with most paint types, offering a reliable bond while allowing repositionability during installation.

Works well for:

  • Home Décor: Create beautiful feature walls that stand out.
  • Retail Spaces: Ideal for eye-catching displays and advertising.
  • Office Interiors: Add a touch of sophistication to your workspace.
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